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Valle De Guadalupe: History and Wine

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In the deepest recesses of its land, the winemaking region of Baja California holds a history that is reflected in its vineyards. Less than a couple of hours from downtown San Diego, just across the Mexican border lies the Valle de Guadalupe. Of the seven wine producing valleys of Baja California, Guadalupe Valley is the largest and best known. It has been transformed by the passage of time so as to become an important Mexican oenological “showcase” to the world.  Some call this 25-kilometer stretch of land the Napa Valley of Northern Baja, Mexico. It holds roughly 144 privately owned vineyards, some small and large. Some are more developed than others, but all have one thing in common, exceptional wine, each with its own unique flavor, design and concept. Due to the unique characteristics of elevation, porous soil, and temperature with a Mediterranean climate, green valleys, boulder covered hills, dry hot summer and cooler dryer winters, there are few microclimates in Mexico that affords optimal condition for grape growing.  And, of course, love for the art of wine making.

This part of Mexico is one of the oldest wine producing regions in the Americas and has a rich history.

wine-tating-baja-wine-toursThis northern end of Baja California peninsula is in fact, one of the New World’s oldest wine-growing areas. The Kumiai native people originally settled this region of Baja California. The first outsiders were Spanish missionaries, which brought about a Colonial domination and the Guadalupe Mission, from where the valley was named. Established in 1834, Jesuit priest cultivated vines here in the 18th century, and the first commercial winery, Bodegas de Santo Tomas (santo-tomas.com), opened in 1888. Followed by the trickling in of Europeans and immigrants from Russia. These diverse influences helped developed a unique character to the Baja California Wine Country. The valleys of Calafia, Guadalupe, and San Antonio de las Minas make up the heart of Baja California Wine Country, extending north to Valle of Santo Tomas, San Vicente and Ojos Negros. The Baja California Wine Country offers a wide array of attractions and services, which go from small family wineries to large-scale winemakers from countryside restaurants to haute cuisine restaurants, places to camp, arts & crafts centers, wine boutiques, community museums. Art galleries, mission sites, elegant B&B’s, campgrounds and RV Parks.

It is our pleasure and honor to bring some of the best wines from Baja to the American table so wine lovers can experience, taste and enjoy the essence of Baja. Bring a curious eye an open mind and comfortable shoes as Aha Baja Wine Tours heads south to Valle de Guadalupe for an intimate experience of traveling and wine tasting. Visitors to these regions can enjoy a fun exotic and romantic vacation, and make it an unforgettable experience. Baja California Wine Country is the perfect destination for fun and relaxation, a true hidden treasure, a timeless escape.


We took the fabulous one day wine tour to the Valle de Guadalupe. The trip starts out with a delicious breakfast in Old Town San Diego. We rode to Mexico in a very comfortable van and had champagne on the way. We visited 3 different wineries – all with very good wine!!

Julie R.

We had a wonderful trip the the Valle de Guadalupe with Karen and Andres as our hosts.

Faith b.

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