619-252-8282 info@ahabajawinetours.com | Please remember to bring your passport for travel to Mexico.
| Please remember to bring your passport for travel to Mexico.

The Story of Aha Baja Wine Tours


Aha Baja Wine Tours was born out of the owners love to travel, explore, and discover Baja, Mexico. The owners, Andres and Karen have traveled to over 35 countries in the world. By visiting wine vineyards in France, Spain, Italy, California, and beyond, it was only a matter of time before they discovered the hidden jewel, Valle de Guadalupe, Northern Baja, Mexico and all its wonders it beholds.

In 2000, after traveling for a year in Europe, they started a business partnership that led to creating businesses centered in Old Town, San Diego. These businesses grew and multiplied and led to traveling extensively throughout the mainland of Mexico, looking for unique Mexican handmade crafts to sell in their shops. Along the way, they met many Americans living in Mexico, which began their increasing interest in Baja.

By 2010, they ventured into the food and hospitality business by opening Congress Café and Marketplace. As they developed relationships with their customers from all over the world, Baja became a common conversation piece, and many expressed an interest in traveling and living there. Another light bulb came on, let’s start a business bringing Old Town guests, shoppers and customers to discover Baja, just as we did years ago. Luck would have it, “El Valle” is only 30 minutes from Andres’s and Karen’s Baja home and so the vision for Aha Baja Wine Tours began!

aha-baja-wine-tours-foundersWe offer exciting unique hosted tours to a variety of vineyards in the Valle de Guadalupe region of Northern Baja. The discoveries are the Aha in Baja. Come with us and get ready for a magical drive along the Pacific Coast of Baja, as well as, experiencing what we call the “Art of Chill in Baja!, a relaxed fun-filled experience. You will explore and understand the value of the land and communities along the way, from Tijuana to Playas, to Rosarito and Puerto Nuevo. We are Baja wine enthusiasts with insider knowledge and connections. We love Baja and speak the language and look forward to sharing all we have learned and discovered with you. Come along with us and discover the “Aha!” in Aha Baja Wine Tours.